Tontitown Mini Storage & Propane Emporium

Did you know? . . . . .

We refill ALL propane tanks to capacity.
Exchange 20 lb. propane tanks are only filled to 15 lbs.

Other distributors do not refill tanks to capacity.

We offer exchange tanks for out-of-date or
non-functioning 20 lb. tanks.
Our exchange price is $18.
If you let us top it off to 20 lbs. full, we will mark your card.

ALL propane tanks have to be re-certified
​every 5 or 12 years.

We can tell you if your tank needs
re-certification, and if so how to get that done.

Re-certification is $10.00 unless you have an non-safety valve.

Buy 7 propane refills any size, get 20 lbs. FREE!​

Ask us how you are saving 31% by refilling your 20 lb. propane tank here.  Go ahead,  ask us!

Always consistent prices!

Propane Tank Refill Rates . . .

20 lb.                  $19.00

30 lb.                  $28.50

forklift tank       $32.00

100 lb.                 $95.00

by the gallon       $4.10

Propane Emporium Tank Refills

NOW SELLING NEW FILLED 20 and 30 lb. tanks!
     NEW 20 lb. tank filled                $54.00
     NEW 30 lb. tank filled                $88.00