We fill your tank to capacity.  And we only charge for what we put in your tank.  Most other places charge a full fill, no matter how much is put in your tank.

ALL tanks must be recertified 12 years after manufacture date.  Thereafter, every 5 years.  We now recertify and revalve tanks.  PLEASE CALL AHEAD to be sure we are onsite if you live out of town.

Buy 7 full fills, get 20 lbs. propane FREE.

Only good on tanks 20 lbs. or larger.

Recertify tank                                 $15

Revalve tank                                    $25

     (plus parts if necessary)

NEW 20 lb. tank filled                     $56
NEW 30 lb. tank filled                     $88

NEW forklift tank filled                  $190

DOT required valve caps                   $1     

Propane Emporium Tank Refills

Tontitown Mini Storage & Propane Emporium

Ask us how you are saving 31% by refilling your 20 lb. propane tank here.  Go ahead,  ask us!

Always consistent prices!

Propane Tank Refill Rates . . .

20 lb.                  $19.00

30 lb.                  $28.50

forklift tank       $32.00

100 lb.                 $95.00

by the gallon         $4.10