NOW recertifying propane tanks

Monday thru Friday 9-5 

Pick up by noon the next day,

at the latest

We can also revalve your tank if necessary.

Wonder how your tank works?
Or how you know
how much propane you still have?
How about the OPD valve,
what's that about?

Come see us! 
We tell customers everything
they want to know about propane
but were afraid to ask . . . . .

Come see us just to talk.
If you've been here
you know how Rick loves to talk . . .

Storage Unit Specials . . . . .
  5% discount for 6 months rent  
             paid in advance  
  10% discount for 12 months rent
              paid in advance

Propane Special . . . . .
Buy 7 full refills, get 20 lb. free

(good only on 20 lb. or larger tanks)

At our price that works out to $.83 per pound. 
​When you exchange (or refill) your tank and pay $17.99 and only get about 15 lbs. per tank, it works out to $1.20 per pound. 

Come check my math . . . . .

Mini Storage & Propane Emporium Specials

Tontitown Mini Storage & Propane Emporium

Come see us for all your storage and propane refill needs.
We offer the friendliest, most economical
services in NW Arkansas.